5 Things to Do After a Job Loss

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So you’ve lost your job—what’s next?

First of all, take a moment to assess….

Are you angry, frightened, maybe? You may be getting quite an adrenaline rush as you try to figure out what to do.

That’s energy—use it.

Don’t wait to get started on the resume, a list of your employment assets or to make an evaluation of your finances. Do it now.

But you may also be feeling just the opposite—in shock, sad or numb.  If you have the ability and need a day or two to wallow in self-pity, go right ahead and do it.  Cry on a friend’s shoulder, hit a pillow or watch a “feel good” movie. Let yourself mourn for a day or so.

But only for a day or so.  You are your greatest resource right now, and it is important, once you’ve given yourself a little time, to get started….

So what is the first thing you do?

1) Find out whether you’re entitled to benefits and if so, what they are:

Go to the Human Resources Department of your former employer to check on severance packages, compensation due, benefits and unemployment resources. Here is a great about.com article about what to look into when checking out what resources might be available from your  former employer.  http://jobsearch.about.com/od/jobloss/tp/loseyourjobs.htm

Some employers even have services to help you to retrain or find another job. It is worth a thorough investigation after you’ve been let go.

Here are some resources from the U.S. Department of Labor regarding help in dealing with a job loss: http://www.doleta.gov/jobseekers/deal_jobloss.cfm


2) Evaluate your own resources and expenses and reduce your spending budget:

Add up savings and severance packages and all of your income. Then add up all of your monthly expenses and cut out everything that is not a necessity. Here’s another great About.com article – tips on how to pare down monthly expenses. Remember—the more you can live without, the longer your money will last and the greater your options.

3) Write a new resume to begin your new job search:

While it’s still fresh in your mind, write down a list of your accomplishments and job experiences and the duties you had at your last position. Make sure you include any particular assignments or responsibilities, especially those in which you excelled. Also list 3 references from people who would give you a good recommendation.

Where to go online for help:

Microsoft Office offers a number of free resume templates . Google does as well. For a template and some tips on how to write a resume, check this site: http://www.how-to-write-a-resume.org/

Also here’s monster.com’s advice on how to write a resume and even what to do after you’ve lost your job!

The U.S. Govt. also offers  help for job seekers at usajobs.gov .  Also see http://jobsearch.about.com/od/governmentjobs1/p/usajobs.htm

4) Assess Your Skills:

Department of Labor http://www.doleta.gov/jobseekers/career_options.cfm

What Color is Your Parachute? http://www.jobhuntersbible.com/

And  Get Creative: :-)


Maybe this is the time to go back to school and finally get that degree or train for a new career.  There are many financial aid programs available to help you to learn a new skill.


Finally, and most importantly:

5) Don’t panic:

Maybe this should be #1 vs #5! But once the initial adrenaline rush is over and you’ve handled all of the practical nitty gritty details of your new situation, those negative thoughts might start sneaking in to your consciousness, and you want to be prepared to dispatch them before they get the better of you.

Don’t let those sneaky thoughts try to beat you up with remorse, or get you to give up hope. The truth is, you could get a new job tomorrow, or you could find something that you like better this time around.





Whatever happens, remember that a job loss, though traumatic, is not the end of the world.  You may find  instead a real opportunity for a new beginning— a chance to follow your passion or pursue a lifelong dream.

Good luck and God bless you!


Check out Maricopa Workforce Connection for Up to Date Information on Job Opportunities in Arizona

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Check out the above site for more information! :-)


A New Window of Opportunity for Immigrants Who Came Here as Children

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I met a man the other day who told me that he came here from Mexico as a child with his parents. He has lived here nearly all of his life, but neither he nor his parents came legally and so he is, through no fault of his own, an illegal alien.

He was practically crying — it is so hard for everyone right now economically, but is especially hard for someone who cannot legally work here.  He barely remembered Mexico — he was too young when his family left the country– and it is not home to him.  The U.S. is the only home he’s ever known.

And then — the next day, in fact, the President came out with this window of opportunity for immigrants who are  in this kind of predicament. I don’t know all of the details, but I believe it will lift many of those who are in dire straits right now out of their poverty.

There may well be hope for this man if he can take advantage of this window of opportunity.

I know the issues–the problems that people are talking about, but the thing is, this guy and others like him are in desperate straits.  We are all human and we have to help each other out.  I know that this is a hard situation, but I think this decision was the right one.  It may even have been an answer to prayer. In fact, I do think it was an answer to prayer.

I know that there are some legal issues.  I do know that. But if  this new policy helps that man and others like him, I just don’t care about the details.  I just want them to be ok.

If you are in this situation, check out the resources that are out there to help you. Do it now — like today or tomorrow — don’t put it off as this is a situation that could change very quickly.

A few resources to get you started:

Here is the government site   http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis that will give you all of the details.  And here is an article about local people who are trying to help streamline the process of getting a work permit.  http://www.kpho.com/story/18806870/preparing-for-work-perm .

Some might say — but I do not have a High School Diploma, so I don’t qualify.  Well, I believe that a GED will also qualify you under this policy.  If you do not yet have a high school diploma — get a GED. Do it now.

How to get a GED?  If you live in Mesa, go here  http://www.mpsaz.org/commed/adult_ed/

If you live elsewhere in Arizona, go here http://www.azed.gov/adult-ed-ged/2012/05/01/adult-education-classes/

If you live in another place, go to your local library and ask for help. The services are free and the librarians will be happy to help you.

Whatever you do, do it quickly, as this situation very well may not last and you want to take advantage of it while you can.

If it seems an impossible task, realize that nothing is impossible.  Keep trying, keep asking and keep striving towards your goal.

Ask for help. And ask God for help. May He bless and help you.

Above all, don’t give up.

Good luck! :-)

Where to Go for Help

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I get the impression that people area really suffering right now.  Things are really bad out there, and I’ve encountered a lot of people who don’t even know how to begin to find help.  They’re hungry and don’t know what to do. They’re desperate and don’t know where to go.

So – I want to help.  I am going to try to list a problem that you might be having, and then list next to it a solution. It’s not much, but it’s something. God bless you, and I hope that you find what you’re looking for.

So here goes…..

You’re hungry (in Arizona)

Go here:

In Mesa:


Country Club and Broadway — 424 w. Broadway

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Help for the working poor, help for the homeless, shelters, help to avoid eviction, help for those in crisis situations


You need a lawyer and can’t afford one:


Behavioral Health and Crisis Line: 


Help for senior care:


Help for mothers with small children:


How to apply for food stamps:


In Az


You need a domestic violence shelter:


Help for the Homeless:


More to come…. God bless you!!!


Incredibly Hopeful! Peter Diamandis “Abundance is Our Future”

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We are bombarded with news stories day after day, and much of it is negative. The conclusion that we draw, especially when we are dealing with our own difficulties, is that life is just too overwhelming, and that the world just keeps getting worse and worse. It is kind of easy to feel despair at times like these.

But, Peter Diamandis of the X-Prize organization offers a very different view of the world and of our future. He makes a very strong case for why the history of humanity is remarkable and why the world is actually getting better. I wanted to share this with you because after listening to what he has to say, I can’t help but conclude that he is right, and there are so many reasons to have great hope for our future.

From the 2012 TED talks, here is the link to Peter Diamandis; “Abundance is Our Future”


Phoenix Career Fair is Hosting a Job Fair on March 26th

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Bring your resumes and find a job at the Phoenix Career Fair on Monday, March 26th, 2012!

Time: 11 am to 2 pm

Location: Phoenix Airport Marriott

1101 N. 44th St.

Phoenix, Az 85008

map by Google

For more information, see http://www.abc15.com/dpp/news/region_phoenix_metro/central_phoenix/mark-your-calendars-free-job-fair-event-in-phoenix

Phoenix Job Fair on March 19th

  • Posted by on March 13, 2012 at 8:39 pm

Chase Bank at 201 N. Central Ave in Phoenix is hosting a job fair on March 19th.

Chase is looking to fill 200 full-time positions in their mortgage banking operations departments.

For more information,  go to http://evtnow.com/2hp

Emergency Preparedness

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How do you prepare for an emergency?

There are lots of resources out there if you want to get prepared ahead of time.  The American Red Cross  has a whole site dedicated to helping you and your family to get get prepared for an emergency.

See http://www.redcross.org/portal/site/en/menuitem.d8aaecf214c576bf971e4cfe43181aa0/?vgnextoid=72c51a53f1c37110VgnVCM1000003481a10aRCRD&vgnextfmt=default

Here are the basics for an emergency kit:


Items to have ready are water, food, flashlights, a first aid kit, contact numbers, a map, paper copies of important documents, extra cash, cellphones with chargers, any medications, emergency blanket, change of clothes. multipurpose tool, battery powered radio, extra batteries.

Make a plan ahead of time with family members in case of emergency.

May want to get some training  in basic first aid administration, such as CPR. Often Fire Departments or other local agencies will have classes available for free or at a minimal cost.

Here are a few other resources:


First Aid Kits









Too Much “Not-Enoughness”

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How often do you feel as if the demands of life completely overwhelm you?  You run on overdrive, and give all of your time, all of your money and it’s not enough.  It’s just not enough. The demands for time and money come at you like a sea of open-mouthed baby birds crying out for more and more and more – and you have nothing left to give.

At some point there is a time when we all have to say “Enough!” to the “Not-Enoughness” of life.  We have to recharge and reevaluate our priorities and cut out the things that are non-essential.

We need to simplify.

This electronic age, which purports to add more leisure to our lives, actually takes it away.  Being available every moment to everyone via text, Facebook, and cell phone; multi-tasking everything all of the time; having our attention diverted every moment with up to the second often non-essential news is just too, too much for us.  We were never meant to live like this. We need space and time to breathe.  We need, as one CEO said, to have the time to be bored again once in awhile.

I came across this website called “Do Nothing for 2 Minutes.”  ( http://www.donothingfor2minutes.com/ ) It’s harder than it looks.  :-)

But you might want to try it out.  And then you might want to do a little unplugging —remove yourself from the grid, from the grip of incessant demands on your time, your money, your soul.

Do nothing.  Unplug. Turn off all of the distractions.  Take a walk (deciding at the beginning to go nowhere in particular for as long as you feel like walking).  Allow yourself to be bored.

And then — let me know what happens. Ok? :-)

Overcoming Fear

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Is it my imagination, or is everybody a little on edge lately?

It seems as if everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop — and it is difficult at times not to worry about the future, or even about the present when things go wrong.

But worry only makes life more difficult. Mark Twain once wrote: “I am an old man and have known many troubles; most of them never happened.” It is true that we fear and worry over many more problems than we actually experience. But knowing that doesn’t always help the worry.

If you are reading this from a computer, you are probably more fortunate economically than most of rest of the world. And yet it is still hard when things go wrong, especially when you lose a job or face financial hardship due to this Recession.

I’ve found a few websites that offer tips on how to deal with the emotional side of the economic downturn (or whatever challenges you are facing right now in your life!) I hope this will cheer you up a little!!!

So how do you overcome fear and regain happiness? (See www.helpguide.org)

Prayer — http://helpguide.org/life/spirituality_prayers.htm

Laughter — http://helpguide.org/life/humor_laughter_health.htm

Stress Busters — http://helpguide.org/mental/stress_management_relief_coping.htm

Stress at Work –


How to Stop Worrying


Dale Carnegie — Originally published in 1944, “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”  is a masterpiece on how to cope with life. Even though he wrote these ideas so many years ago, his words still ring true.

Where to find “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living”

From Google Books:


From Amazon: